Our Story

Hi, we're Sarah and Ryan.

8 years ago - through the process of making a film called HOSEA - we were introduced to the catastrophic impact fast fashion was having on our world. From human trafficking to environmental destruction, and from intellectual property theft to the proliferation of textile waste, we were astonished by how complicit had been as customers of an industry that was doing so much harm.

It changed the way we shopped and the way we saw ourselves in the world.

We wanted to be able to buy clothes - to participate in fashion - without exploiting workers on the other side of the globe, polluting water, contributing to landfills, or warming the environment.  

We decided to experiment by attempting to buy only vintage clothing for an entire year; that was 8 years ago and we haven't stopped. 

Along the way, we discovered that vintage clothes tended to be higher quality than their modern, cheap counterparts. While vintage clothes were often not "on trend," we started to enjoy modifying them to fit a more modern aesthetic. And, thus, REVIVED was born: fashion within the circular economy - reviving garments with a modern aesthetic from pre-existing materials.

Each piece in the Transformed Vintage Collection has been its own exciting challenge. Every time we ask, "how can this unique vintage sweater or dress be altered, improved, and revived?"

Thanks for finding REVIVED and supporting this vision to change our world, a little for the better, through the way we shop!


Sarah and Ryan